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A House United

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Newsy Happenings

I love it when someone asks me, “Are you a Republican or a Democrat?” My immediate answer is always, “No, I’m not.” The quizzical looks are priceless. Frankly, the way each party has moved further from the center, “moderate” position in recent years sickens me, hence I do not identify with either. Polarization occurs, every issue gets dragged through so much mud the meaning gets lost and all you see is the crap. Our country is better than that. When I voted yesterday, just for funnsies I tallied up the number of candidates from each party who is now the proud recipient of my vote.  Even split. Some might classify this as “Independent”, and I’ll grab that moniker if it means one who identifies with certain positions and will support like-minded candidates regardless of their side of the aisle. I don’t want to be in an independent party, thank you, not any party at all. Politics is yet another realm in which I live with bothfeet in two worlds. Some find this refreshing; many times this is sufficient enough information to simply piss off everyone to the left and to the right. Oh, well. It’s who I am.

Now, this gorgeous autumn morning brings the post-election reality of a nation deeply divided. National elections see unprecedented happenings in terms of who won, by how many votes, certain demographic changes, etc…  I just scrolled through my Facebook News Feed, and my hunch of division is confirmed. There is much, much rejoicing, as well as a huge amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Yesterday, in the midst of the election, my seventeen year old daughter and I talked about these very things. We talked about what would happen if these certain candidates won, and what may occur if others proved victorious. The conversation led us to the realities that whomever prevails the victor we are all still Americans, there is yet much work to be done, we should do it together, and we continue to strive and struggle for the things we believe are right. We need to find common ground, for, as it was once said, “A house divided against itself will certainly fall.” This nation contains immense privilege, opportunity and wealth. The world continues its gaze to us, looking for leadership. How will we present ourselves?

My starting point in this quest is my faith. I’m not sure I have much faith in elections and campaigns, but I do have faith in the American people, the American Dream, and certainly faith in the One who calls me as God’s own child. Looking at Jesus’ life, ministry and death, he wasn’t necessarily apolitical, but someone who calls leaders to a higher order. He railed against and power that became corrupt or abusive, both the powers of religion and politics. Lead humbly, serve always, look for the good of all, put away self-interest. 21st century special interest groups would likely send Jesus over the edge.

Here’s where I start; to what does my faith call me in relationships, my job, my friends, family, at the voting booth? Today, we see deep divisions across this land. So my question is, “Where can we discover unity in the middle of division, lest the chasm be deeper and wider?” Think I’ll jump into that with bothfeet.