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12.21.12 and Still Kickin’

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Holy Stuff
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Well, we’re still here.  Neither the end of days nor the new epoch seem to have entered on this the shortest day of the year. It looks to me as if the Mayans were wrong, or at least we’ve misinterpreted what they meant.  I’m all for a new day, a new time, new season. There is much that is wonderful in this world and existence, and it doesn’t take much of a look around to see the horror as well. For those anticipating or perhaps worried about the Mayan new-age, it could be that today is a day to reevaluate what brand of newness we may desire.

Serving as a Christian pastor, now is certainly a time when we lift up the newness the Christmas season may hopefully bring.  In this vocation it is also a time when the deepest of human hurts are elevated as well.  I’ve spent, (and I know my colleagues have as well), a great deal of time in the last few weeks tending to people with deep concerns, and none of them seemed too worried about 12/21/12. Kids and parents try to make sense of senselessness in Newtown, CT. The poor in our communities are becoming poorer and the ranks of those in poverty levels are on the rise. Young and old alike deal with medical needs, many facing their own impending deaths. We have much more immediate needs than all the wasted time worrying about predicting and prepping for the end.

Lately I’ve been watching TV programs and reading articles about all the “apocalyptic” end of days stuff. It’s fascinating and because I am one who studies, scours, and holds dear the Bible and its message, I want to know what the world is saying and who is buying into all the fear. What I notice is that I’ve seen less bullshit cleaning out a dairy barn. This is dangerous stuff for those who believe it and let it rule their days. Followers of such tenets have extremely lost focus on what is important in this life, this world, this moment.

Maybe Christmas and One whose birth we celebrate can bring us a newness and refocus our efforts to genuine peace on earth, goodwill to all. May we all be purveyors of hope, compassion, charity, justice and love.  It is time to live faithfully, not fearfully. After all, tomorrow the days become longer, and hope just may be on the rise.